Simtechonline's privacy policy

Any data that you send me is safe and secure.  I don't even keep old emails so it would be impossible for me to release any information even if I wanted to.  All the information you presented when you signed up on the message board is also completely confidential.  Only I have access to that data as the administrator and I will protect it no matter what.  Your info and privacy is safe here.  Your email addresses listed on this site are protected as well from spam harvesting programs by anti-spidering software (which won't affect you, just the spam programs that some businesses use).

If a company feels that information is incorrect then I ask they submit updated figures and I will correct the data. is not responsible for any posts made by their members and these posts may not reflect the opinion of all parties who use or maintain this website.  Posts may be modified if there is a trademark or copyright issue. 

This board was set up so that techs can interact with other techs and to keep some stability in how we are treated in the industry.  Please remember that I am just an ordinary simulator tech just like yourself and that I have no powers with the companies or unions listed here.  This site is being paid for out of my own pocket (and donations) and I do so on my own time.  I also depend on fellow techs throughout shops across the world to keep this website updated on any data such as layoffs, pay scales, and any other facts you feel is important enough to share with other people.

Please email me with anything you see on here which may be outdated or incorrect.  You may also use the message board's "private message" (under the guest login) to send me any information which will be sent directly through this website and does not use any email addresses, in case you wish to remain anonymous.