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Thread: Boeing Simulator Data Bulletin 737-007

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    Boeing Simulator Data Bulletin 737-007

    Has anyone with a CAE hydraulic stab trim unit (737) completed this Simulator Data Bulletin? CAE is telling us we MUST upgrade our hydraulic stab trim unit to an ELU in order to meet this bulletin, is anyone else being told this? Thanks

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    if this upgrade is what I have seen on other CAE sims then it is worth it. Gets rid of the hydraulics and after set up it is essentially an alignment free system. The one I saw was one of the original designs and it did not mater were the pointer was or where the wheel was. On boot the software would move the pointer to a limit then to the zero position, could care less where the wheel was. It removed any physical link between the pointer and the wheel. If this is the same it is well worth the upgrade. Hope this helps

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