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    Hey guys,
    Looking for someone with experience with Simex_plus and more specifically STAMPER.COM.
    We have an older model CAE sim still running with stamper as the RCS. When I talked with CAE about a problem we are having with it they literally emailed me back with "I can't believe you actually have a sim with Stamper on it, stamper is garbage."
    So far, the one contact I have at CAE has offered a few solutions, none of which seem to work, so I'm putting my feelers out there to see if I can find someone on here with some experience with it.

    So the problem we have is that will fail for no reason. I fix it by making a backup from a good disk that I have hidden away so no one else can mess with it, and after the backup I enter my most current rz files and options file to bring it up to date. This works fine, but I still want to figure out WHY it fails to begin with. Basically, after I fix it, it will work all week while I am here, and I am able to enter files and build the load just fine. But by the time I get back from my days off, it is magically broken again. This has been the case for the last 5 weeks now. According to the other techs on duty when I am off, they don't touch the sim, as I have been charged with maintaining the software here, so I can't imagine why it would just break on it's own. When I go to enter files, it gives me "Bad Child Status:" and I am unable to enter or build.

    I am familiar enough with stamper to understand what it is, it is basically old school StarTeam as far as I'm concerned. I understand how stamper will create a header in the files and what not. But I have very little information regarding the "Bad Child Status" error or how to correct it.

    Every so often, but not always, I can get it to work by using "enter/enter ****rz.dat" as opposed to just "enter" but it is sporadic and unreliable. And in some cases I am able to open the file, remove the stamper header, then use "Simex> stamper -fbl <filename.c> " to force a new stamp, and that will work sometimes. But again, not reliable and very sporadic.

    So while I do have the ability to fix it via a backup, and it will generally stay working for at least the 4 days I am on duty, I still want to know WHY it breaks to begin with and if anyone knows any tricks to fix it.

    Sidenote, when I open the stamper file, there is an area in the code commented out that says "to disable stamper touch the file cae_inh_bom in <our directory>" A) what in the world do they mean by "touch the file" I've tried deleting it, and giving it a ".bak" extension in the hopes of disabling stamper all together, but it doesn't work. The cae_inh_bom file is empty when you open it, so there is nothing to comment out to disable stamper, or anything like that. Maybe I have to add a line of code to it to disable? I don't know. Maybe one of you does.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough, I'm at my wits end trying to figure out how to fix this problem. While my backup and update method does limp us through, it's still one of those nagging problems that I can't get out of my head.

    I appreciate any help or advice anyone here has!

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    Default Touch a file

    This explains better then I can.
    Do you smell something burning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAllen View Post
    This explains better then I can.
    Oh wow, thanks for the info! Here I thought they just used a wrong word or something for delete or edit or something. Good to know Touch is a real command! Will try that tonight!

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