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Thread: Flightsafety is moving their LaGuardia corporate offices

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    Flightsafety is moving their LaGuardia corporate offices

    It has been announced that Flightsafety is moving their LaGuardia corporate support departments to a new facility in the New York City metropolitan area. This new location is more convenient for many of our teammates, better represents our brand, and provides a modern and professional work environment. Further details will be provided in the coming days. In addition to the relocation of the corporate team, we have decided to close the Learning Center at LaGuardia. This decision was driven by declining customer demand and financial performance. Closing the center will allow us to concentrate training for the programs now offered at LaGuardia at other Learning Centers, where we can provide a better customer experience. It is important to focus our resources in areas with growth potential and to provide a professional, productive and safe work environment for our team members.

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    And here I thought they were going to move those offices to Ohio to be close to NetJets.

    Sad really as that building was the birth place of Al's dream, but it was bound to happen with the passing of the old guard.

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    Corporate has moved many to the FSI Columbus center. Permanent or not.....who knows.

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