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Thread: 777 Fleet Retired

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    777 Fleet Retired

    Sorry to hear the news about the 777 fleet. Delta seems to be conslolidating around the Airbus products. Has there been any discussion about the 3 simulators?

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    I have not heard anything - there are going to be more than a couple empty bays in the shop by the time this is all over.

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    Hopefully the proceeds from the sale of the 3 777 devices later in the year are earmarked to preserve jobs at the schoolhouse.
    That would be a nice gesture of goodwill by EB & Co.

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    I've heard 777-2 is going to UPS with the planes.

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    With the planes? As far as I know there is no conversion program for the 77L to the 77F. Unless there is now a business case for it. Hope y'all are doing okay out there, Keith!

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    Don't know if it's true and for some reason I think it's FedEx instead of UPS. They looked at our 777-2 Sim when they were buying a CAE Sim years ago. It's all just rumor though.

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    FDX would make more sense as they already operate the 77F.

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    So, rumors have been on again, off again but this week we are back to on again. Our managing director had said that we are again interested in a 777 full flight from Delta. Somehow a couple of months ago the deal had gone completely sideways but at that point CAE was involved so not surprised. The one we are interested in is a CAE Super C classic device that has electric motion and controls from what I have heard. What are the other two devices?

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    Oh and supposedly we are taking one plane as well. Just what I have heard.

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