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Thread: Early retirement package to be announced

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    Early retirement package to be announced

    The date that I got was the package will be announced on May 27th. No specifics yet as to how it will be structured.

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    This latest update came from someone in HR.... maybe.

    It sounds like Delta will still be announcing the packages in the last week of May and they still want people to GTFO as early as August 1st.

    There will be two packages available - one is the typical age+seniority which used to be called a 55+ package because previously airlines would grant retirement to people who had at least 10 years of service and were 45 or older.

    The other GTFO package is basically a voluntary severance, and nearly everyone in the company would qualify. I did not get the latest numbers but earlier this month I heard that Delta may be reduced as much as 40% for the next five years. That last part could be outdated though as they are still adjusting the numbers.

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