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Thread: Looking for all of our old users

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    I'm back too. But the question is how are you back Andy? I thought you retired from this site?

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    Mar 2020
    Hi Joe and everyone else! SimProfessor recently joined so we're finally getting the band back together here!

    Sorry about bailing on everyone. I thought this site was pretty much dead once all the Facebook pages and other sites that took over.

    Then a lot of things happened and I ended up having to retire because of health issues and really ended up getting burned out on simulators.

    I gave away the forum to a great simtech I knew, but then it got wiped because of a server problem. I had already dumped all my backups so I was just going to let it die. It was my fault everything was lost as I should have kept backups but there was just so much other junk going on that I needed to take care of.

    Anyway, so then 2020 happened and I felt this site needed to be revived, so I started it all over. 2.0 as they say.

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    I'm back now as well. Just prior to this COVID-19, I saw that simtechonline had been brought back to life. Then, FlightSafety Simulation went to a "Safe-At-Home" plan of action for around 6 weeks. Now most of us here in Tulsa are returning back to the office.

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    I'm back as well, even got my old user name (not that anyone else would want it).

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    It looks like we're up to 54 sim techs now. I still have to manually approve each account as the spambots are still out there. About 15-20%% of all registrations are fake accounts that are created to spam or cause other problems.

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    Hey everybody, I'm back in Tampa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    It looks like we're up to 54 sim techs now.
    I'm still a tech?

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    Glad to be back. Glad to see this place up and running again. I sent a mass email to all of the simulator departments within FedEx.

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    Hi all, glad to see the forum is back. Thank you Andy. My last posting was to announce my retirement. It has been 2 yrs. I now reside in Costa Rica, land of the "Pura Vida". What do I miss? That Simtech sense of humor, the good people I have come across.
    What I don't miss? The noise, oil spill in bay #5, leg seal changes. And that one obnoxious crew that everyone has encountered at least one time. Other than that trying to enjoy the benefit of retired life. Hopefully will be able to travel again real soon. Airport in Costa Rica just started welcoming travelers from abroad. Be good all, stay safe. Juan Santana.

    Reflectone 1992- 1997, PAIFA 1998-2000, Delta 2001-2003, Alteon/Boeing 2003-2018.
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    I am back, just took me a while to remember my password. Andy hope all is well in your retirement "Golden Years" . You wouldn't recognize the shop here any more. I got a dayshift line with less than 5 years time. Take care and wishing well to all. Dan

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