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Thread: Looking for all of our old users

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    I'm back too. But the question is how are you back Andy? I thought you retired from this site?

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    Hi Joe and everyone else! SimProfessor recently joined so we're finally getting the band back together here!

    Sorry about bailing on everyone. I thought this site was pretty much dead once all the Facebook pages and other sites that took over.

    Then a lot of things happened and I ended up having to retire because of health issues and really ended up getting burned out on simulators.

    I gave away the forum to a great simtech I knew, but then it got wiped because of a server problem. I had already dumped all my backups so I was just going to let it die. It was my fault everything was lost as I should have kept backups but there was just so much other junk going on that I needed to take care of.

    Anyway, so then 2020 happened and I felt this site needed to be revived, so I started it all over. 2.0 as they say.

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    I'm back now as well. Just prior to this COVID-19, I saw that simtechonline had been brought back to life. Then, FlightSafety Simulation went to a "Safe-At-Home" plan of action for around 6 weeks. Now most of us here in Tulsa are returning back to the office.

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    I'm back as well, even got my old user name (not that anyone else would want it).

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    It looks like we're up to 54 sim techs now. I still have to manually approve each account as the spambots are still out there. About 15-20%% of all registrations are fake accounts that are created to spam or cause other problems.

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    Hey everybody, I'm back in Tampa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    It looks like we're up to 54 sim techs now.
    I'm still a tech?

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