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Thread: Looking for all of our old users

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    Looking for all of our old users

    Anyone? Anyone?

    Sim Professor, are you sill out there? You were always the best at posting job openings.

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    Mar 2020
    I'm back...

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    Welcome back Chris!

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    I'm back, just under a new username. Was RDD1, but the new site wouldn't let me use a name under 5 characters so I gave myself a new one. All's good!

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    I can change your handle back to RDD1 if you want. I'll also go into the software and see if I can change the rule to 3 characters.

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    That would be great. Thanks! It took me a while to respond because I was teaching online classes and that took a lot of my time. I accelerated my classes so now I am free.

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    Welcome back RDD1!

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    We're still here, just older.

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    Yippie, it's back again.

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    I am back. It is great to see this site back. It has be sorely missed.

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