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Thread: Looking for all of our old users

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    I'm back....good to see Andy and the site once again.....former simtech44

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    Sorry for never posting, but I am a sim tech from formerly ABX Air, now Airborne Training Services. I've worked with the guys here for the last 7 years, and got to know Brook Nickerson before his untimely passing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Anyone? Anyone?
    Yay.. it's so good to be back. Big thanks to you Andy for keeping this board alive.

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    nastyb - come back !

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    I'm back!!! I had to get a new user name...

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    Did someone snag your old one?

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    I am back too. nastyb

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    Simmi - I'm back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nastyb View Post
    Simmi - I'm back.

    Good to see you're back.
    Be open-minded and be assured your brain won't fall out.

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