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Thread: SONY VPL-GH10 projectors for trade

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    SONY VPL-GH10 projectors for trade

    Hi everyone, we recently upgraded the 757 simulator to a Vital 1150, and no longer need our VPL-GH10 projectors, or the Tropos 6000 IG. We have 4 working projectors, and a fully functional IG. We would be willing to trade these units off for useful stuff for our sims. Can trade individual pieces, or in lots.

    Feel free to make offers

    -EDIT 6/20/22- VPL Projectors are gone!

    Still have the IG as assembled by CAE - will not come with hard drives.

    -Looking for-
    PD2-MF-16-333/16H AI card
    4083900-901 Pegasus FMC computer
    PC-EIC-6.300-B-0 Encoder card
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    How much would you sell the VPL-GH10 projectors for each?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HB3 View Post
    How much would you sell the VPL-GH10 projectors for each?
    I'll get with my boss, and find out what he would be willing to sell them for.

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    I appreciate it.

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    As it sits, we cannot sell these units for cash. We can however trade them for anything of value for a sim shop. Make any kind of offer, and you can take these things off our hands.

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    Looking for anything in particular?

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    Always looking for 7751 VME cards, power supplies, DC8/757/767 instruments, SP1 display parts. If you have anything in mind, calling and talking with Mike Goodman the shop manager would be a good place to start. He's been here a long time, and would have the final say in things.

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