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Thread: Merle Bariekman "The Pirate"

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    Merle Bariekman "The Pirate"

    I recently found out that The Pirate had passed away while this forum was down back in 2019. He was on the old board for a long time and always had a great sense of humor.

    It sounds like he passed away in Shelton, WA and had moved out there to take care of his father. I'm not sure how he died but it was too young.

    Merle Warren Bariekman "The Pirate" :

    Born June 20, 1952 and died August 6, 2019.

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    Alas, I knew him well.

    I will miss him. His invitation to share his cave with me didn't sit with me well, as I would have nowhere to plug in my hairdryer but I appreciated the offer.

    Bon voyage Pirate.

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    I knew The Pirate through simtechonline and fb. My husband and I are both simtechs and tried to meet up with him for lunch and visit, but weren't able to make it work out. In contact with him for quite a while, while he was taking care of his Dad, and through the pandemic when I realized I hadn't seen any of his postings for quite a while. Found out through checking his fb account that he had passed away. Quite the Simtech, had our crazy humor. Miss communicating with him. Very nice guy.

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