View Full Version : User titles explained

03-28-2020, 12:43 AM
When you first sign up I will have to upgrade you manually once your IP is verified. Your title will be New Member. As you post or reply to other postings your reputation increases and so does your title rank. Here's how I configured it so far:

New Member: 0-2 posts
Member: 3-24 posts
Regular Contributor: 25-99 posts
Frequent Contributor: 100-249 posts
Established Contributor: 250-499 posts
Valued Contributor: 500-749 posts
Senior Contributor: 750-999 posts
Super Contributor: 1000-1499 posts
Epic Contributor: 1500-1999 posts
Legendary Contributor: 2000-2999 posts
SimTechOnline Master: 3000 or more posts