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05-06-2020, 11:05 AM
Principal Simulation Engineer (Aeronautics) (https://www.indeed.com/pagead/clk?mo=r&ad=-6NYlbfkN0DhBDAoj5CN6gt9l1sQRB2jsZZE4Bdp7Im1ME-aoHdM3JgMKlLgznMGFLxQUbgTsB3vCxdpDXb9pN7XivQYhaBt4 LYcUL8XQPtj6Hs3ZDwIwjjZgHyvP6fvHCdkNMG3ePGQGhkWqhi YcmcHxDASGCxNKdE88IImKH4-IfTgklI-CUKH6rPi9wscvjcLGsTH4uNLsOrT8UkY-Btx43dYOOQYqXGT-o5yPc1LuCIvr8QavcVdoXAi5bB0qMkE-a7c11gkCnLYk9kU-owpHMiDbETFoBPFLt_vpuCV4kETGAJPIXjU_tK7Imdcqmcz7As 3ook4DaWmbZfG7ffoZUihLAUT_HY3OBIIg7qeGD6uYMAKLKzPc dP6za6mxnQwp6O4biuY0MnZhLiHVBkuFaAbd1Fk7QV7Zgod-3zaIESLR5iP6056sWch8vtuKpjo_ZEGqkE33WCspk26_d8I1BP Agx5ZKnOC_ItmRyJc0Q-uHB5kQw-gNSHn3CKZ&p=0&fvj=1&vjs=3&tk=1e7lbkpcup5kr800&jsa=6478&sal=1)

Job Description:

The successful applicant will be responsible for the development and maintenance of software used in the operation of flight simulators at the NASA Ames Research Center's SimLabs facilities. Simlabs consists of the Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS), with large 60 ft. vertical motion system and interchangeable cabs which can be customized to simulate any aerospace vehicle, the Crew Vehicle Systems Research facility (CVSRF), which houses the Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (ACFS), B747-400 flight simulator and air traffic control laboratory, and Future Flight Central (FFC), an Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) simulation facility dedicated to solving the present and emerging capacity problems of the nation's airports. The Simulation Engineer will have working knowledge of real-time flight simulations and simulators, as well as knowledge and experience in aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight controls, propulsion, and navigation systems. This will entail analysis, system and subsystem design, deriving equations-of-motion from given experiment requirements, implementation and integration (software design and coding) of math models for real-time, piloted (HITL- human in the loop) six degrees-of-freedom, large scale, motion based, research and development simulator system/subsystem components.

This individual will lead teams to create, enhance, integrate, and maintain aeronautical simulators to be used at the SimLabs facilities. Standalone and distributed real-time simulations, distributed simulation technologies, and data reduction/viewing/analysis systems are a key part of the systems and the individual will become proficient using them. The individual should be familiar with the design, development, analyzing airworthiness that pertains to at least one of the aeromechanics engineering disciplines (i.e., aerodynamics, aircraft performance, dynamics, flight controls, handling qualities, and simulation). The successful applicant will manage work assignments of technical tasks. The applicant will demonstrate familiarity with systems engineering principles and processes. Project management, operational support, documentation and communication skills are desired.

Required Education/Skills:

B.S. in Mechanical, Aeronautical, or Electrical Engineering
Minimum of 15 years’ experience with flight simulations or other equivalent experience
Applicants with a minimum of 5 years experience will be considered for the position of Senior Simulation Engineer
Required Expertise:

Demonstrates full understanding and ability to derive equations-of-motion
Hardware/Software Integration
Additional Desired Skills:

Project Management
Experience with avionics
Working knowledge of the aviation industry, national airspace system standard operating procedures and air traffic control
Systems engineering; familiar with systems engineering principles and processes
Software assurance; familiar with software versioning and bug tracking tools like Git and Jira
Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $150,000.00 to $180,000.00 /year


flight simulations or other equivalent: 10 years (Required)

Bachelor's (Required)
Work authorization:

United States (Preferred)

Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Retirement plan
Paid time off