View Full Version : Delta pilot union negotiates deal for the pilots

04-07-2020, 08:54 PM
The chatter I heard is that ALPA struck a deal with several of the major airlines where the pilots can be placed on standby until the end of 2020 and still receive 80% of their pay. An old coworker told me about this because his son is a pilot.

The local newspaper (AJC.com) ran an interesting article today at https://www.ajc.com/blog/airport/delta-pilots-union-reaches-deal-offering-pilots-time-off-reduced-pay/Q5HriNvDknxcEnYkkRprQO/

It doesn't go into specifics as far as numbers but it explains why the sims were basically shut down for two weeks with no training. The same is happening at American as well.

The pilots get to stay home and still receive partial pay. Sim techs were asked to stay home with no pay - those who stayed received a 25% lower paycheck due to having their hours cut by 10 hours a week.